A laboratory of creative freedom

Every year, Lyon BD strives to uphold and promote its core values and beliefs. 

One of the primary ways it does this is by championing original creations, encouraging authors to express their talents beyond the traditional medium of comic books in order to reach an even wider audience.

Lyon BD is thus behind the creation of various productions and events that demonstrate a wide range of artistic expression: performance art, illustrated concerts, residencies, shows, exhibitions etc. 

These original creations are usually displayed during the ‘IN’ festival and some, such as exhibitions and shows, are made available for hire to cultural organisations and venues in France and overseas.

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An international outlook

For close to a decade, Lyon BD has looked beyond its national borders and in search of new projects and cultures. This international development has resulted in several ambitious partnerships with the likes of Quebec, Argentina, Catalonia, China, Algeria and Germany. In 2019, Lyon BD and ten French authors travelled to America for the inaugural NCSFest, where they celebrated international comic art on California’s Huntington Beach.


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Comic art in motion

The Lyon Comics Festival has always sought to offer new ways for artists to meet and interact with their audience. By mixing comic art with theatre, we deliver artistic creation direct to the city centre while also providing a new décor to the urban backdrop. Authors, actors and musicians are thus able to bring comic art to life: a living and breathing medium that is in constant motion.